Manual Update Process for beSECUREII Information Server (IS) and Local Scanning Server (LSS) 

In a normal configuration, the IS and LSS units request updates from Beyond Security servers by way of the internet. The default settings deliver updates daily and automatically. If either the IS or LSS are located in a tightly controlled network that does not allow an external connection, it is possible to update them manually. The manual process consists of downloading update packages and placing them on an internal web server. The AVDS appliances are then configured to point to the internal web server to collect them, instead of Beyond Security’s update servers. 

Manual Updates for an IS

You can download IS update packages from: 00:00:00 

Edit the URL with the following: 

  • ‘version’ = 20090407 (always stays the same) 
  • ‘avdsversion’ = The current version of your IS. Find that at: Help -> Version Information 
  • ‘serverid’ = Your unique server ID, which can be found at Sever -> Maintenance 
  • ‘texts’ = The last update date. This is found at Vulnerabilities ->Tests. Use the most recent Date Modified from the Test List Table. The time can be midnight (00:00:00). 

After downloading the package, place it on a local web server. The IS server will access the local web server and attempt to download this exact filename: (download.cgi?version=20090407&avdsversion=3.1.7&serverid=101111&texts=2014-05-03 00:00:00). However, in most cases, it would be enough to simply put the downloaded file in the root directory of the internal web server and call it "download.cgi", since most web servers will ignore everything after the '?'. Test it with a browser to ensure the file downloads correctly from the internal update server. If this isn’t an option, for example if the server runs ".cgi" files, then create a script (in a server-side-script language) that redirects the request to wherever the update file is located. 

Now go to: Server->Maintenance. Change the Update Server name and Update Port appropriately to point to the internal server. 

Manual Updates for an LSS

The LSS server pulls updates from: 


= The current LSS version which is shown on LSS page: "System Setup" in the Update Log. There, the most recent package download will have been recorded with a line that looks like: 

Downloading package 4.00.build266 

Use this link to manually download the file then place in on the internal server for the LSS to download it. Log in to the LSS and in System Setup, change the Internal Updates Server value to the name of the internal update server. 

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