1) C++ source file => Analysis Unit -> Analysis Options > Parser-Options > reference-header-path
: Set additional header’s path in Analysis Server. Additional header means it is not collected but required to analyze source file. This kind of header is considered as a system header internally.
: delimiter = ; or ,

2) C source file => additionally, Analysis Unit -> Analysis Options > Parser-Options > user-cpp-option
: Configure options for C pre-processor.

-I : Add forcibly to include path 

Ex) - I/usr/include/
Used when analyzing Unix source in Windows
-include: Include external file

Ex) - include /cm40/cmbuiltin.h
Used when adding specific type or macro
-isystem: Set target path to system directory.
In case of using more than 2 options, separator is ‘;’.


For more information please read our option of analysis guide in the user guide section.