If you would like to only test certain fields, not the entire protocol. For example, on HTTP, we only want to test "POST" and skip "GET" altogether.

How can we do that?

To 'lock' specific fields to certain values (instead of going through all the possible combinations), there are two options:

1) Locate the Enumerator (SE element) just above the POST / GET branches Put the lock "on" on that element, change position from 0 to 1 (so its the second branch)

This means the Enumerator is now "locked" to position '1', which means only the 2nd branch ("POST") will run.

  • OR 

2) Find the POST branch, right click, and select a priority that is above 5 (e.g. 6). This branch now has a higher priority, and will run first. In this scenario, you are still testing GET, but only AFTER all the POST tests were done.