Please make sure the server name you used to sign up is the same as the web site you placed the web site code on. The most common cause for the seal code not being detected is if you tried to sign up the server "" but by mistake placed the seal code on "".

Other possible causes for the seal verification not working: 

1) When you access your site, if you access but you are then redirected to, that means will need to be enrolled. Always sign up the domain that is the LAST domain in the chain, if the forwarding is automatic.

2) If you enrolled the seal code should be:

<a href=""><img border=0 alt="Website Security Test" src=""></a>

Using anything else will not work. Make sure the code is correct or the seal will not be detected.

3) If your site redirects to a non-standard port, for example to or to a sub directory such as you should contact us at: to request a manual verification.