As a user you have the option to create organizations or leave it in default mode .

In the case one person or division of your company is using the scanner, you can leave it as is . However , if you have multiple teams scanning and each one has it's own priorities designated permissions and goals then you should create organizations .

In case you have already established scans and now you wish to add organizations that will manage those scans . You can create new Organizations at any time and re-assign existing scans to them.


To create a new Organization:

  • Go to Admin → Organizations - > list 
  • Click on “new” ( the PLUS button at the bottom right corner )
  • Enter the following mandatory fields as in the picture below:
  • Next, click on the reporting tab, choose a contact person from the list and when they will be notified about a scan 

  • Click on the create button on the top right corner