The default permissions option assigns any new objects the user creates to the users who have been assigned to them. This includes new scans, organizations and user accounts. Keep in mind this is for new objects only, so any existing objects will have to be manually assigned using the permissions options for each item individually. This is beneficial when there is more than one user who creates scans that multiple users need access to.

Set Up Default Permissions for New Objects


1. Click on your username on the top right corner. 

2. In the drop down, click "Account"

3.On the next page, click "Default Permissions (for new objects)".

4. From the "Not Assigned" list on the left, click on the account profile(s) or user(s) you wish to have visibility on your scans. The account profile or user will now show on the right side as "assigned" 

5.Click Modify on the top right.