If don't enter a value in the Port Range parameter (DevOps > Scans > Scans List > select a scan >Settings tab > Additional Settings tab), a ~2,000 port combination that includes all the "known" ports and excludes ports we know to be problematic (for example, a printer will crash when a port is scanned on certain ports) will be used. This range covers all the interesting services while being safe enough to use with scans.

If you want to manually enter a range, here are some examples you can use:

  • 1-1024 - Only scans the first 1024 ports. 
  • 1-65535 - Scans everything.
    WARNING: Using this range may be potentially destructive when running an internal scan and will result in a much slower scan than the regular scan. 
  • Or you can use any other combination such as: 22,25,80,443.