A custom logo can be added to the beSECURE reports for branding purposes. 

Note: This function is only allowed to Administrators and authorized Scanning Users to perform these actions.

Steps to upload a logo :

  • Navigate to the logo section by clicking Admin-Organizations-My Logo 
  • Click (+) on the bottom right corner 

  • Give the logo a name and click "choose file"

        Note: Supported file types are JPEG, BMP, SVG, and GIF. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 1 MB. Files larger           than 1 MB will be truncated.

*Recommended size: 200px by 130px

  • After selecting a file to upload, click the [Apply] button to save your changes and upload the selected file.

Assign Logo to Organization you wish the logo to appear on the reports for: 

  • Click Admin 
  • Click Organizations
  • Click Organization List
  • From the logo dropdown, choose your logo
  • Click Modify