You can customize the look of your reports by uploading your company's logo to your beSECURE account, and then assigning it to one or more organizations.

Upload your logo

To upload your company's logo to your beSECURE account, do the following:

  1. Log in to beSECURE with administrative privelages.
  2. In the upper-left corner of the Home page, select DevOps.
  3. Select Admin > Organizations > My Logo.
  4. Select the Newbutton.
  5. In the Logo Name box, enter a description for the logo.
  6. In the File Name box, select Choose File, and then select your logo file.
    Note: Your logo file must be in JPEG, BMP, SVG, or GIF format and no larger than 1MB (files larger than 1MB will be truncated). Recommended size: 200px by 130px.
  7. Select Create.

Assign your logo to an organization

After uploading your logo, do the following to assign it to an organization:

  1. Select Admin > Organizations > List.
  2. In the Logo box, select your logo.
  3. Select Save. The logo will now appear on reports for this organization the next time they are generated.