Tufin is a security policy management company specializing in the automation of security policy changes across hybrid platforms while improving security and compliance. The Tufin Orchestration Suite supports next-generation firewalls, network layer firewalls, routers, network switches, load balancers, web proxies, private and public cloud platforms and microservices.

In order to create an integration between beSECURE and Tufin, please access the beSECURE platform, in the menu, on the right side, click on "Scans"=>"Scans List"=>"Device Collector (Optional)" (this option will appear only after a scan has been created). Please see the screenshot below:

Click on "Device Collector", the colored tab (in green), once clicked, the following screen will appear:

In the drop down menu (underlined in green in the above screenshot) select the Tufin SecureTrack (Monitored Devices), you will then see this screen:

You will have fill out the fields. The Username and Password are the ones your have for your Tufin account.

This is all your need to do to integrate with Tufin.