Case: License can not be seen in the beSOURCE client software after being installed

Any beSOURCE User must import a license file before using the beSOURCE Developer edition. Sometimes, even though a user properly gets and imports the license file, the tool does not show any license list, making it look as if nothing has happened. See where the license has to be added on beSOURCE (click on Tools=>Options=>License Settings=>Import the license file):

It is because the tool could not find the Java environment in the user's PC. The tool internally uses Java to process license related actions. Actually, the tool includes Java Runtime Environment but refers to Windows System Path not the internal Java Runtime Environment. So, if Java is installed on a user PC, this problem will not happen. It is a sort of logical bug. We will fix this issue. 

Workaround for this issue is to add Java path to System Path.

  1. Open “Windows Explorer”

  2. Click “This PC” and select Properties context menu

  3. Click “Advanced System Setting”

  4. Open “Advanced tab”

  5. Click “Environment Variables” button

  6. Go to “System Variable” and double click “Path”

  7. Click “New” button in the Edit Environment Variables window

  8. Input the beSOURCE Developer edition’s JRE path
    (copy the path from Windows Explorer and paste it)
    ex) 64 bit OS: C:\User\
    Your_Profile\BeyondSecurity\beSOURCE developer\beSOURCE 5.2\data\CodePrism\analyzer\jre_x64\bin

ex) 32 bit OS: C:\User\Your_Profile\BeyondSecurity\beSOURCE developer\beSOURCE 5.2\data\CodePrism\analyzer\jre_x86\bin

  1. Click the “OK” button.

  2. Click the “OK” button.

  3. Click the “OK” button 

  4. Terminate the beSOURCE Developer edition

  5. Run the tool again

If you have any further questions, please contact Beyond Security support: