1. Obtain an API key for your user - if you do not have one, login, click on "DevOps" then go to Admin -> Accounts -> List:

Locate there your account, click on it, click on the API Key tab:

Click on the Edit box:

And key note of the key that is generated, for example:

2. Obtain an Organization unit you want to pull the results from for example, click on Admin -> Organization -> List:

Click on any of the items in the list:

And make note of the ID:
In this example it's: 68857214

3. In Power BI click on Get data:


Paste this URL, replace your_ip with the FQDN/IP of your beSECURE installation, APIKEY with the API key we just obtained, the ENTERPRISE value with the Organization ID we just obtained:


In this case it is

Click OK

Something like this will pop up:

Click on the "List":

The screen will "zoom in":

Click "To Table":

Click "OK":

Click on the title button at the right corner of this:


Click OK:

The data is now imported into your Power BI click on "Close & Apply":

The data is ready for further analysis.