Please find the requirements that allow the authentication of a Windows machine:

-The Remote Registry service must be enabled on the target.
-File & Printer Sharing must be enabled in the target's network configuration.
-An SMB account must be used that has local administrator rights on the target.
-Note: A domain account can be used as long as that account is a local administrator on the devices being scanned.
-TCP ports 139 and 445 must be open between the scanner and the target.
-Ensure that there are no security policies are in place that blocks access to these services. This includes:
-Windows Security Policies
-Antivirus or Endpoint Security rules
-The default administrative shares must be enabled.
-These shares include:

-The setting that controls this is AutoShareServer (Windows Server) or AutoShareWks (Windows Workstation) which must be set to 1.

Windows 10 has the ADMIN$ disabled by default, please make sure it's enabled.

For all other OS's, these shares are enabled by default and can cause other issues if disabled. For more information, see